Sunday, 11 November 2012

A walk to remember...

Walking tour. Walking around Kuala Lumpur.

That was not our original plan but then again, me and my boyfriend are always on the go. Saying "NO" to an adventure is a BIG NO NO.

What really happened?

We took the 1st flight out from Singapore and the last flight out from KL of Jetstar on the same day. It means we only had a couple of hours to see the city. Approximately 10 hours.

We decided to take the KLIA Express from airport to the city as this is the fastest way.

KLIA Express
It's RM 35/ pax = PHP 525/pax for a 28mins non stop ride to KL Sentral which is the transit hub of the city. Taxi is RM 50/taxi/way =PHP 750/taxi for an hour journey (depends on traffic condition).

Looks like Eurail (haven't tried that yet, seen in picts only)
We were like in the Amazing Race. We need to maximize our time but at the same time, enjoy the fun and adventure and go to the last pit stop after. We plot the itinerary beforehand based on the readings we have done. I have been to KL twice but that was the 1st time that there was no Hop On Hop Off bus to bring us around. We did not take the Hop On Hop Off bus to cut cost  (RM 38/pax = PHP 570/pax) . hehe

OUTside view of the museum

First stop was the National Museum of Malaysia or the Muzium Negara (Suggested by Chito, my artsy fartsy boyfriend).   It is just behind the KL Sentral, 5-8 mins walk, crossing the Express way without pedestrian lane. Try this secret way behind the Hilton Hotel KL :) That is adventure!

After the museum, next to our itinerary was the Masjid Negara. According to the receptionist (let's call her Ate) in the museum, it is just NEAR the area. Walking distance. It was just 10am anyway and we were still starting the tour, so, we WALKED. All we had for logistics were our map from the airport and our street smart skills :)

Along the way, we saw this beautiful building which is the KTM Berhad, one of the KL's train service providers.

before reaching the Masjid Negara
Across the KTM building is the Masjid Negara. After 2.5km of walking (Ate's definition of near) is the Masjid Negara.
All visitors must remove their shoes before entering the mosque.  And remember, visitors are not allowed to put down anything on their holy ground like tripod.

Women are required to cover their hair and obviously, the whole body :)
The Holy Ground. Off limits to us
 Next stop was the Dataran Merdeka Square which is their Independence Square. It is where the tallest flagpole in the world is located (which we were not able to take picture).

Thanks to auntie who took this picture perfect shot of us! :)
Kuala Lumpur City Gallery was the next stop which houses the KL arch (which I don't know what it is) and collectibles/ souvenirs made of wooden veneer but, I din't see any model of the Philippines.

made of wooden veneers
We love EO (each other) haha
650 m away (if you know the way, which we didn't. So the it was stretched to 800m. hehe )  is the Masjid Jamek MRT.  We took this MRT going to Plaza Rakyat station and walked to Petaling Jaya which is the Chinatown area.

Rapid KL touched screen ticket vendo machine
MRT chips
We had our late lunch here as we were famished. That was the best lunch we ever had (or, were we just very hungry that time?) We ordered fried noodles, golden prawn, seafood fried rice, watermerlon juice, iced tea and beer for Chito (happy kid).

RM 52 = PHP 780
We realized that we were tired and hungry when we started eating.  Galit galit!

Power and energy shoot to 100% again.

We had leisurely walk around Chinatown area and went to the KL Central Market where Chito drooled.
Peataling Jaya area
Ayun oh! May bandila ang Pinas! :)

Pasilio 1
Pasilio 2 among others
Works of art around the area
Too sad that we cannot stay for long here because we have to rush to the Petronas tower and to the airport after. We only have few hours left before our departure flight at 9pm. We took the MRT going to KLCC station where the Petronas Twin Towers are located.

Was it under maintenance? I was so disappointed to see ONE tower only. Where' s the other one? I felt sad for Chito as he will not be able to see the TWIN towers.
Until we went closer . I was very very wrong. hahaha

We' re very proud of ourselves. We had fun and roamed around the city by public transport (NO TAXI) with our reliable walking capacity, and most of all, our street smart skills.


- KL, Malaysia (May 2012)

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