Sunday, 4 November 2012

Lucky ME!

Have you win in a raffle draw?.. Me? not even once in my 25 years of existence.
During raffle draws, I always imagine myself claiming my Grand Prize winning or even just one of the consolation prizes.

But.... it's just my imagination.
Reality check?. Not my time yet I guess.

When I was in elementary, we always had this fund raising in school. Ticket price ranges from PHP 2- PHP 5 each. Grand prizes were electric fan, single burner gas stove,  spaghetti package and the like (I dont remember the Grand Prizes actually because I know, I won't be able to have them) . Anyway, what I am eyeing were the consolation prizes There were maybe 10-15 of them. So, there would be a higher chance for me to get one. EVEN ONE.

I am a daydreamer. I imagine myself going home and bragging my prizes - 3 sachettes of instant noodles or 3 cans of Young's Town Sardines or Miki Nnilatdit package. But again, expectedly, I go home with my empty bag of winnings :(

Those were during my elemntary days. Highschool days came, there were few raffles draws and Bingo Socials. But, Nada! No luck for me. College came and went, still, nothing on my Bag Of Winnings.

tsk tsk...
I am a fighter! I didn't lose hope. I still enjoy the the 3second breath taking announcement of winners during raffle draws that I attended. Actually, I still imagine myself that the emcee will call out my name but...of course, that is just my ever playful imagination.

Until one lazy Sunday here in Singapore ( where I am base for now ), my friends and I joined a Filipino community gathering called "Pinoy Ako". It was ponsored by Singapore Telrcommunications (Singtel), MRT yellow line and others. This is not a part of our plan. We decided to go home after a city tour and we passed by this ever joyful videoke sessions on our way to MRT. So one of my friends who is addicted with freebies tried to check what is in there for us. Since it was a lazy Sunday afternoon, me and my sister dragged our feet to the event.  FREE coke, FREE picnic matress, FREE cornic, FREE facial creams, FREE videoke, FREE fun with all the Kababayans and the standing comedian.
munching corniks
To cut it short, there was a raffle draw! Ahem ahem, you know what's next :)

After announcing all the consolation winners of Singtel S$10 prepaid load, here comes the Grand Winners of Samsung Galaxy Ace. First winner came from Leong Hin Bldg....(that's my adress) and poof you go! It was so my time to shine! I just won a smart phone! My 1st ever smart phone! My FIRST EVER RAFFLE PRIZE :) I jump with joy and run with excitement to claim it and put it in my Bag of Winnings!  It was really ecstatic!
Salamat, Pinoy Ako!

one of the Grand Prize winners! :)

That was the first time, and yes, not yet done for the year of 2012. LUCKY ME :)

I won twice this year, as of now, 1st week of November.

The second I had was when we joined the thanksgiving party of Ibis Novena. Again, it was out of my plan to go and its only my colleague who dragged me to the party. Finally I said yes because it was just few steps away from where I stay anyway.

Raffle draw came and I was not the first one to be called. But thank you to those who went ahead and didn't able to wait for the highlight of the party. I won a 2 Night Weekend stay for two in Ibis Novena.

Lucky ME!

Weekend stay for two :)

Sabi siguro ni Lord sa akin nung nasa Pilipinas pa ako," mas kailangan nila yan kaysa sa'yo".Ngunit ngayong nandito na ako sa Singapore, siguro ang sabi ni Lord, "Mas kailangan mo ito kaysa sa kanila".

Singapore, Nov 2012

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