Sunday, 25 August 2013

Coin Keeper machine

I am a fan of piggy banks and coin saving. 

Actually when I was hoarding these coins, or saving rather, I didn't think of how to convert them into blills but when the time came that I had to put them back to circulation, I had a difficulty of thinking how. I can't bring these coins everytime I needed them because they are just heavy. I had a total of less than S$ 600, all were S$ 1 coin. First, my housemate told me to bring it to 711 store nearby but the man wants $50 only. Next stop is the hawker stall and fortunately changed the S$ 200 I brought with me. hehe

I posted pictures in my facebook account and so one of my friends told me about this amazing thing  that POSB/ DBS is offering - a coin deposit machine. The only requirement of this procedure is for you to have a POSB/ DBS account and it will go smoothly. As for me, I don't have an account so I asked my sister's account for this. (Charges of this process is very minimal, .75 cent per coin if I recall it right)

After finding a coin deposit machine, the fun process begins...

- Entering the account number
- Drop the coins (it can be a mixture of 1 cent, 5 cents, 10 cents, 20 cents, 50 cents and 1 dollar)
- Watch while the machine is counting your gold coins (it shows the figures)
- Wait for the excess coins if any (incase you have drop a coin that the machine can't recognize like other currencies)
- Collect the printed receipt and
- Wait for the next business day for bills

one excited kid 

setting my coins free

back in circulation once more...see you again

look at that amazing machine..also tried putting in our 5 cents to test its accuracy ;)

tada!! printed receipt

Isn't that fun?

I was very amazed because it's my first time to do it, to actually see a coin deposit machine and to know about this.

Walang ganito sa pinanggalingan kong bansa. hehe

Singapore, May 2014

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