Sunday, 25 August 2013

Coin Keeper machine

I am a fan of piggy banks and coin saving. 

Actually when I was hoarding these coins, or saving rather, I didn't think of how to convert them into blills but when the time came that I had to put them back to circulation, I had a difficulty of thinking how. I can't bring these coins everytime I needed them because they are just heavy. I had a total of less than S$ 600, all were S$ 1 coin. First, my housemate told me to bring it to 711 store nearby but the man wants $50 only. Next stop is the hawker stall and fortunately changed the S$ 200 I brought with me. hehe

I posted pictures in my facebook account and so one of my friends told me about this amazing thing  that POSB/ DBS is offering - a coin deposit machine. The only requirement of this procedure is for you to have a POSB/ DBS account and it will go smoothly. As for me, I don't have an account so I asked my sister's account for this. (Charges of this process is very minimal, .75 cent per coin if I recall it right)

After finding a coin deposit machine, the fun process begins...

- Entering the account number
- Drop the coins (it can be a mixture of 1 cent, 5 cents, 10 cents, 20 cents, 50 cents and 1 dollar)
- Watch while the machine is counting your gold coins (it shows the figures)
- Wait for the excess coins if any (incase you have drop a coin that the machine can't recognize like other currencies)
- Collect the printed receipt and
- Wait for the next business day for bills

one excited kid 

setting my coins free

back in circulation once more...see you again

look at that amazing machine..also tried putting in our 5 cents to test its accuracy ;)

tada!! printed receipt

Isn't that fun?

I was very amazed because it's my first time to do it, to actually see a coin deposit machine and to know about this.

Walang ganito sa pinanggalingan kong bansa. hehe

Singapore, May 2014

Unexpectedly Great!

I have been living in a Durian loving country for quite some time now and I have't tried this intriguing fruit when I was still in the Philippines. I heard a lot of words regarding its pungent smell and its goodness as well.

When my boss bring Durian in the office, everyone is excited to eat it so I was like, ok, let's give it a try. So I gave it a shot. And it went ok, I was able to stomach it and finished maybe 3 seeds. That's it on my 1st try. And eventually progresses but maximum 6-8 seeds because it will make you feel full and heaty

We actually have this in the Philippines but it is not as widely available as here. It is mostly grown in the southern part of the country, particularly Davao and I came from the Northern part. I blame it on geography why we were not able to meet :)

Anyway, last week, I was surprised that there were 2 men bringing this big baskets of Durian inside the office. I was thinking that since both boss love Durian then they might eat some eat some, store some and give some to their friends and have a Durian Festival and that is what happened. On top of this, they told us to start the Duarian Festival and east all you can Durian in the office. hehe They really love and adore this fruit that they bought a hundred kilo to feast.  They bought it at S$5/ kilo and it's a good price as it is not very cheap in the market.

Bagong pitas, mainit init pa.

I like the yellow (sweet) than the bitter sweet.

Durian on my desk

It was really a fun experience.

You will eventually get used of the smell and will enjoy it's heaven sent goodness. It is addicting!

August 2013

Friday, 23 November 2012

Marina Bay Sands Sky Park

Stunning view from 57 floors above the ground. 

View @ around 6:30 pm
View @ around 7:30 pm
Not the highest building/ view I have been/seen but personally, it has the best panoramic view.
Marina Bay Sky Park is open at 9:30am  - 10pm on Mondays to Thursdays and 9:30 am – 11pm on Fridays to Sundays. Entrance fee is SGD 20 = PHP 670 (ROE as 33.50).  They have a special area for tourists to savor and enjoy the view of the Central Business District of Singapore. It is on the same floor of the infinity pool but too bad, the pool is exclusively for the in house guest (which we were able to access).
There is also the Ku De Ta restaurant on the same floor but I didn’t bother to even look at the menu. :p

There's the Singapore Flyer
The DNA inspired Helix Bridge
For more information about the place, check this one :)

Marina Bay Sands Sky Park, Singapore - April 2012

Sunday, 18 November 2012


We watched Incanto show this afternoon at the Festive Grand Theatre in Resorts World Sentosa.

Incanto is a one and a half show which showcases magical stunts, musical events and magnificent acrobatics.

Tickets ranges from SGD 48 - SGD 148. But we got our CAT 2 seats for free (rate is SGD 98 = PHP 3332, ROE as PHP 34). Thank you to our sponsor.

Unfortunately, NO photo taking is allowed inside the theatre.
But I was able to take one. Isa lang :)

sino ang pasaway?
I can say that the acrobatics were great and the magical stunts were also superb and high tech! hehe
Incanto features 50 international performaers led by Joe Labero, renoened illusionist and three-time recipient of the Merlin Award (got it from their flyer).

Photo ops with the star - Joe Labero :)

You can leave a comment if you are interested with the show.
We have special rates for you :)

Resorts World Singapore , Nov 2012

Friday, 16 November 2012

Kampong sa Singapore

Pulau Ubin - ang huling Kampong sa bansang Singgapur. 

Ano ba ang Kampong? Marami tayo nito sa Pilipinas, ngunit dito, ito ay maituturing kahuli hulihang tipo nito sa lungsod ng mga leon (lungsod {pura} ng leon {singa}) . 

Ito ang mga iilang larawan para matukoy ang isang kampong.

Kampong Style 1
Kampong Style 2
Kampong Style 3
Kapag ikaw ay nasa 1st world country tulad ng Singapore, iilan na lamang ang makikita mong ganito. Ito ay maituturing na probinsiya o baryo sa atin, sa Pilipinas.

Unang beses kong nakapunta dito. Sumakay kami ng bumboat galing Changi Point Ferry terminal. Ang pamasahe ay nagkakahalagang SGD 2.50/pax = PHP 85/ pax.  
naglalaman ng doseng pasahero
Pagdating sa Ubin Jetty, may nag abot samin ng flyer ng isang resort – Celestial Resort (SGD 10 = PHP 340) para sa bike rental at 1 hour na fish spa o kayak. Pinili naming ang bike rental at 1 hour fish spa, na hindi ko pa din nagagawa :)
Take your pick!
Marami pang ibang parentahan ng bisikleta sa lugar na ito at mga kainan ngunit hindi na namin ito inurirat pa dahil excited na kami magbisikleta!.

Hindi madali ang mga trails dito para sa katulad kong sanay sa patag na kalsada lang nagbibisiketa. May mga ilang uphills,mga rough road at off road, idagdag mo pa ang matinding sikat ng araw at basic function lang ng bisikleta. Kaya sa susunod kong bisita dito ay magrerenta na ako ng medyo advanced type ng bisikleta ngunit ito ay medyo mas mataas sa S$10.

Napunta kami sa isang lake na ito na maituturing kong parang Mt Pinatubo Crater. Hindi ito madaling mapuntahan dahil sa mabatong daan pero it's worth it naman. :)

Pahinga muna.
Bumili ng inuming pampalamig.
Damhin ang simoy ng hangin sa kampong.

Softdrinks - SGD 1.5/can = PHP 51/can
Island Coconut - SGD 2.5 (kung matigas na ang laman) = PHP 85/buko
SGD 3 (kung pang buko salad ang laman) = PHP 102/buko
Si Nem po, ang galit na galit sa buko!

 Kadalasang pumupunta dito ang mga tao upang mag bisikleta, mag roller blades o maglakad sa napakalaking park. Ito ang pinakamalapit na escape sa main city. Panandaliang tumakas sa mataong lugar, matataas na gusali at marangyang kapaligiran ng Singapore (ngunit nasa Singapore ka pa din. hehe).

Pulau Ubin, October 2012

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

My journey to Legoland, Malaysia

Are you a fan of lego?

As for me, I’m not. Maybe because I was not able to play them when I was a kid. 
I don’t have lego toys. haha (poor baby)

Anyway, Legoland Malaysia was launched last September. Before they officially opened, they invited travel agents to join them on their soft opening which we were not able to attend. And so, we have requested for another day of inspection and they were very accommodating to give us ONE PERFECT & FREE SUNDAY.

Excited?. Mmm, not much. As I mentioned, I’m not a fan and not fond of legos.
But I like going to theme parks - the adrenaline rush of taking the rides. Kaya, pwede na din.  
Anyway, how to go there? I asked my housemate who just went there a week earlier and I overheard that there was a FREE bus from JB Central which is 15-20mins away from the theme park. So, this was one of the options.

Another was to ask one of our officemates to go along with him as he would be bringing his own car.

Option 2 won!
Singapore to Legoland Transfer  - Check :)

It was still early (10:00 am) when we arrived at Medini Mall , which is infront of Legoland. The group decided to have breakfast at KFC while waiting for our boss. Unexpectedly, our Malaysian officemate offered me and Kuya Ronald, my colleague, a FREE breakfast. Maybe to show Malaysian hospitality. Hehe

Breakfast – Check :)
When our boss arrived, we met the Legoland Sales Representative who gave us a briefing/ introduction of the place and handed to us the theme park map and the admission ticket.

Legoland Admission Ticket – Check :)

with the Legoland Sales Rep 

1 Day Legoland pass
Published Rate - SGD 69/pax (adult)= PHP 2346/pax (ROE as 34)
OUR PROMO RATE - SGD 42/pax (adult)= PHP 1428/pax (ROE as 34)
Seems like we were having a perfect start.

Let’s check out what Legoland Malaysia offers us. 

LEGO! real big LEGO structures

I got excited when I saw that there was a diorama of the Philippines but I was also disappointed. Malaysia had Petronas Tower, Singapore had Merlion, India had Taj Mahal, China had the Great Wall, so why have they decided to feature Bolinao? No offense but they should have put the highlight of the country or the famous landmark like Luneta among others.

Philippines, my own native land
Putrajaya for Malaysia. Petronas Tower is also featured but I didn't take photo of it. hehe

Angkor Wat for Cambodia and Great Wall of China for China of course :p

Taj Mahal for India

Merlion Park, Singapore Flyer, Clarke Quay are for Singapore
 I have seen the biggest lego structures such as the dioramas of the country’s highlights in Asia (South and South east mainly). We also tried the rides which I think is more suited for young kids. But what I like most were the queues for the rides. Not that long compared to Universal Studios. They were tolerable. But one thing I didn't like was the extreme heat. Be sure to bring umbrella, hat or fan to avoid heat stroke. hehe

11:30 am came, our boss sent us SMS to meet them.  They asked us if we want to join them for a Korean BBQ lunch in JB city center and go with them to Singapore after. But, we chose to stay. Surprisingly, they gave each of us MYR 50/ pax = PHP 750/pax for our lunch.

Not bad :) Not bad at all! :)

Lunch – Check :)
After checking out the place, me and Ronald decided to take our lunch outside the park to have more restaurant selection. We told Michael, our colleague who gave us the free SIN/ LEGOLAND transfer that we will not go back with him and his family to Singapore. I thought of taking the FREE bus going back to JB Central.
We had our lunch at Manhattan Fish Market and ordered the Grill gala platter (if I remember it right), Cala Cala for me and the Citrus Mint for Kuya Ronald.


Total of RM 52 with the drinks = PHP 780

Burp burp!

Now, how to go back to Singapore?
There' a free bus right?. Let’s go and find that bus.

We asked the traffic enforcer at the Coach Bay but he said there was none. We can just wait instead for the Causeway Link bus going to JB Central which is RM 4.50/ pax = PHP 68/pax. And so we waited for it. There were also cabs on standby which is offer RM 50/ car = PHP 750/car for a trip back to JB Central. We didn’t take it. We opted to wait for the Causeway Link bus.

15mins passed.
20mins passed.

We decided to ask around some more and observe the flow of people. We went to the bus parking lot/ coach bay and saw the "Resorts World Singapore Bus". 

Maybe this was the Free bus.
We tried our luck.
We smiled at the driver, hop in, sit and relax.
It's fine. Hindi kami sinita.
Maybe this was really the Free Bus that my housemate told me, or if it's not, we can just pay on the spot. We will just wait for the driver/ conductor to ask us the bus fare. But we settled with the idea that this is a FREE Resorts World bus. They would probably drop us in the Resorts World Area Singapore to attract more tourist to visit the place.

Then suddenly the bus driver stood up,  started to count the passengers. Sigh! Not to collect our fare. hehehe

We were giggling along the way until we reach the Golden Mile Terminal where the bus stopped. 

Legoland to Singapore - check :) and :(

We were surprised why did it stop in GMT and not in RWS. Looking closely at at the bus, it was a Transtar Bus painted with the Resorts World Singapore. So it was not a free ride afterall. But honest to goodness, we didn't know.

This is our story.
My story of my Legoland Experience.

For discounted Legoland Tickets, you may drop me an email or leave a comment below.
You can book your roundtrip transfer through Transtar - SGD 20/ pax (SIN/ Legoland/ SIN).

Legoland Malaysia, Sep 2012

Sunday, 11 November 2012

A walk to remember...

Walking tour. Walking around Kuala Lumpur.

That was not our original plan but then again, me and my boyfriend are always on the go. Saying "NO" to an adventure is a BIG NO NO.

What really happened?

We took the 1st flight out from Singapore and the last flight out from KL of Jetstar on the same day. It means we only had a couple of hours to see the city. Approximately 10 hours.

We decided to take the KLIA Express from airport to the city as this is the fastest way.

KLIA Express
It's RM 35/ pax = PHP 525/pax for a 28mins non stop ride to KL Sentral which is the transit hub of the city. Taxi is RM 50/taxi/way =PHP 750/taxi for an hour journey (depends on traffic condition).

Looks like Eurail (haven't tried that yet, seen in picts only)
We were like in the Amazing Race. We need to maximize our time but at the same time, enjoy the fun and adventure and go to the last pit stop after. We plot the itinerary beforehand based on the readings we have done. I have been to KL twice but that was the 1st time that there was no Hop On Hop Off bus to bring us around. We did not take the Hop On Hop Off bus to cut cost  (RM 38/pax = PHP 570/pax) . hehe

OUTside view of the museum

First stop was the National Museum of Malaysia or the Muzium Negara (Suggested by Chito, my artsy fartsy boyfriend).   It is just behind the KL Sentral, 5-8 mins walk, crossing the Express way without pedestrian lane. Try this secret way behind the Hilton Hotel KL :) That is adventure!

After the museum, next to our itinerary was the Masjid Negara. According to the receptionist (let's call her Ate) in the museum, it is just NEAR the area. Walking distance. It was just 10am anyway and we were still starting the tour, so, we WALKED. All we had for logistics were our map from the airport and our street smart skills :)

Along the way, we saw this beautiful building which is the KTM Berhad, one of the KL's train service providers.

before reaching the Masjid Negara
Across the KTM building is the Masjid Negara. After 2.5km of walking (Ate's definition of near) is the Masjid Negara.
All visitors must remove their shoes before entering the mosque.  And remember, visitors are not allowed to put down anything on their holy ground like tripod.

Women are required to cover their hair and obviously, the whole body :)
The Holy Ground. Off limits to us
 Next stop was the Dataran Merdeka Square which is their Independence Square. It is where the tallest flagpole in the world is located (which we were not able to take picture).

Thanks to auntie who took this picture perfect shot of us! :)
Kuala Lumpur City Gallery was the next stop which houses the KL arch (which I don't know what it is) and collectibles/ souvenirs made of wooden veneer but, I din't see any model of the Philippines.

made of wooden veneers
We love EO (each other) haha
650 m away (if you know the way, which we didn't. So the it was stretched to 800m. hehe )  is the Masjid Jamek MRT.  We took this MRT going to Plaza Rakyat station and walked to Petaling Jaya which is the Chinatown area.

Rapid KL touched screen ticket vendo machine
MRT chips
We had our late lunch here as we were famished. That was the best lunch we ever had (or, were we just very hungry that time?) We ordered fried noodles, golden prawn, seafood fried rice, watermerlon juice, iced tea and beer for Chito (happy kid).

RM 52 = PHP 780
We realized that we were tired and hungry when we started eating.  Galit galit!

Power and energy shoot to 100% again.

We had leisurely walk around Chinatown area and went to the KL Central Market where Chito drooled.
Peataling Jaya area
Ayun oh! May bandila ang Pinas! :)

Pasilio 1
Pasilio 2 among others
Works of art around the area
Too sad that we cannot stay for long here because we have to rush to the Petronas tower and to the airport after. We only have few hours left before our departure flight at 9pm. We took the MRT going to KLCC station where the Petronas Twin Towers are located.

Was it under maintenance? I was so disappointed to see ONE tower only. Where' s the other one? I felt sad for Chito as he will not be able to see the TWIN towers.
Until we went closer . I was very very wrong. hahaha

We' re very proud of ourselves. We had fun and roamed around the city by public transport (NO TAXI) with our reliable walking capacity, and most of all, our street smart skills.


- KL, Malaysia (May 2012)