Sunday, 25 August 2013

Unexpectedly Great!

I have been living in a Durian loving country for quite some time now and I have't tried this intriguing fruit when I was still in the Philippines. I heard a lot of words regarding its pungent smell and its goodness as well.

When my boss bring Durian in the office, everyone is excited to eat it so I was like, ok, let's give it a try. So I gave it a shot. And it went ok, I was able to stomach it and finished maybe 3 seeds. That's it on my 1st try. And eventually progresses but maximum 6-8 seeds because it will make you feel full and heaty

We actually have this in the Philippines but it is not as widely available as here. It is mostly grown in the southern part of the country, particularly Davao and I came from the Northern part. I blame it on geography why we were not able to meet :)

Anyway, last week, I was surprised that there were 2 men bringing this big baskets of Durian inside the office. I was thinking that since both boss love Durian then they might eat some eat some, store some and give some to their friends and have a Durian Festival and that is what happened. On top of this, they told us to start the Duarian Festival and east all you can Durian in the office. hehe They really love and adore this fruit that they bought a hundred kilo to feast.  They bought it at S$5/ kilo and it's a good price as it is not very cheap in the market.

Bagong pitas, mainit init pa.

I like the yellow (sweet) than the bitter sweet.

Durian on my desk

It was really a fun experience.

You will eventually get used of the smell and will enjoy it's heaven sent goodness. It is addicting!

August 2013

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