Thursday, 13 August 2015

Overnight stay in Sydney

Have you stayed in a hostel/ mixed dorm alone and mix with strangers?
Ako, hindi pa. 
I've stayed in mixed dorms / hostels but I was with my friends. 
Another achievement to be listed again :) 

Aside from travelling alone, staying in a hostel for me is another thing that I need to experience.
I booked Sydney Harbour YHA for my overnight stay. I booked female dorm. Haha
Medyo naduwag ako sa mixed dorm. Baka hindi na ako makatulog. Haha

When I was still working in Changi Airport , I always see backpackers. And even actually arond Singapore, there's a lot of backpackers. It's cool to think to be like them. 
And for some time, I became like them in Sydney. carrying my backpack looking for my hostel. 
Hindi pala madali. Walked fro Circular Quay to The Rocks which is uphill. 

Park facing in Circular Quay. Andaming nagpapaaraw. 
Passed by going to YHA. 

sunbathing muna
Quaint shops along The Rocks

There's YHA in Gray and Orange

Good thing they were able to took note of my request to have the bottom bed :)

That's my bed for the night 
Female 4 bedded dorm. There's 3 of us in the room

Too bad I didn't have enough time to cook 
Roof Deck. It was so chilly though
movie room. this is where my roommate  stayed for the entire afternoon. I wish I had her time.
One of the things I can't forget in my hostel stay is the toiletries. 
I have a friend here in Singapore who's working in a hostel. They provide a bath towel, communal bath soap and shampoo.
I also went to Yangon a month before I traveled to Sydney and stayed in a hostel. They also provide the same. 
And so, I expected the same in Sydney. 

I guess, I had to lower down my expectations next time. haha
Hindi ako nagdala ng kahit ano sa nabanggit sahil umasa ako. 
Sa huli, wala ni isa ang provided. wah!!!!
Kinailangan ko tuloy bumili ng sabon at shampoo. 
Ang twalya?.
Gumamit ng tissue (atleast provided)
Lesson learned.

Feel na feel :) 
 Minsan, nakapaghostel din ako mag isa.

Sydney, Australia 
July 2014

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