Sunday, 16 August 2015

My New Hubby (este, Hobby)

I've found my new love. 

We've met last year. 
We've been seeing once in a while but we started to see more often last month, 4th of July to be exact. 

Maraming nagsasabi na mahirap siyang harapin, mahirap panindigan.
Ngunit kung mahal mo siya, walang mahirap.
Masaya at napapawi niya ang pagod mo.

Everybody, I would like to introduce you to my new world, another love of my life, BAKING! 

Hindi ko sinadyang dalasan siya, dalas meaning 4 or 5 times a week.
Pero, parang lagi niya akong tinatawag. hehe

Here are some of my adventures and misadventures :D

my favorite chocolate cake :D

1st try on this tricky naked pandesal (no bread crumbs)

honey oat bread (1st try)

one of my favorite creations , cinnamon roll (1st try) 

one of my favorite cupcakes - Red Velvet (1st try) 

But yesterday, I've tried to bake one of the most challenging bread recipes for me (aside from pandesal).
Challenging dahil matrabaho. Tatlo ang kailangang iprepare - Filling, Dough and Frosting.

My journey to my 1st attempt on COFFEE BUN 

Ready to put the filling..

margarine and sugar mixture 

little buns with the filling, proof for 1 hour

Ready for baking :)

Done! after 12 mins in the over at 180C

and i got that butas effect
COFFEE BUNS on my 1st attempt went well 
My journey to coffee bun is special because this is one of my favorite breads and tricky to do.
I read from blogs that they've tried twice or thrice before getting the puffy effect.
Special because I didn't expect to get it on my 1st try. It really amazes me

I'm happy with the result because I got the perfect look of it. Although I should have added more coffee on my frosting mixture.
There's always a next time :D

Balestier, Singapore
Aug 2015

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