Thursday, 7 July 2011

1st day of my 2-day Cebu Tour

This is one of my most amazing weekends of my life. A 48-hour tour(less than 48 hours actually) of Cebu and almost covered all its best parts. A pre-birthday celebration for me and Dez. A fun-filled journey with my friends and sister and most of all, it was for free!

Sinong nagsabi na bitin ang dalawang araw para libutin ang Cebu? Pwes, ako, hindi ako maniniwala kasi nagawa namin at nag enjoy kami.

We got the 1st flight out from Manila and the second to the last flight from Cebu of Philippine Airlines. Wondering why the second flight out? It is for emergency purposes. If there will be any delays or cancellation, we could always be bumped to the next flight.

Upon arriving from Cebu, we were met by
two Sageants (not one, but TWO). Not for detaining or arresting us. Malayong mangyari yun. They were provided by the Air Reserve Command, AFP for us. Hindi lang sa may libre kaming sasakyan to roam around the city, meron din kaming driver at escort.

After the hotel's check-in procedure, we had our breakfat in Jollibee and went straight to Taoist Temple, Magellan's Cross, Cebu Cathedral Church and Sto Nino Church.
Personally this is the most overwhelming part of my trip because while we were walking, the two sargeants are really guarding us. Para kaming celebrities na may PSG. Anyway, we had some photo ops and before we knew it, lunch time na pala. What's the best thing for lunch in Cebu? Ano pa? E di ang puso(hanging rice) at lechon. Totoo nga, iba nga ang lasa ng lechon ng Cebu. You should try it :)

CNT Lechon at puso (hanging rice)

Taoist Temple with Kleng and Kaka
ever famous
After lunch, we went to Alegre Guitars and bought some cute small guitars for people back home. Lapu Lapu Shrine was our next destination and we didn't know that this is the haven for shoppers for pasalubong. If I were you, buy your pasalubongs here.
For our night life, start it with the Crown Regency's Buffet Dinner. Follow it with Skywalk and the breath-taking Edge Coaster. I have more fun doing the edge coaster :) Next was the 4D show, still in Crown Regency. We have finished all of these by 12midnight. But wait, there's more. An exclusive Club36 show just for us! Actually, I don't have any idea about this show, until.... (see it for yourself)
edge coaster with Kaka
1st day- DONE!

Cebu with Kaka, Kleng, Dez and Wanda, June 2010


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