Friday, 22 July 2011

FlyFish in Boracay!

Bakit ka pupunta sa Boracay?
- Para mag swim?
- May problema ka bang gustong kalimutan?
- Gusto mo bang lumipad?
- Gusto mo bang sumigaw?
- Gusto mo bang mag enjoy?
Pwes! Isang sakay lang yan sa flyfish at siguradong tanggal ang memory card ng utak mo.

I was excited but having second thoughts as well when my group decided to try the flyfish. But, I love adventures so i said YES!

This is it pansit! We were five in a group and manong bangkero strategically arranged us on the inflatable raft. If you want to spice up this adventure, position yourself not on the middle part of the raft. Hatak hatak na kmi ng motorboat papunta sa masmalalim na parte ng dagat.

It's just really like a banana boat until...

zoom! The motorboat increased the speed that made the raft literally lift up 45degrees from the surface and there's more, the raft turned side ways. And the results?

We were thrown out into the waters. 
Evidence #1 - Ate gi going back to raft

Evidence #2 - Nasaan na ako?

Evidence #3 - Bakit nasa motorboat na ako?
Evidence #4 - My turn to go back to my position
Evidence #5 - Bakit tatlo nalng sila?
Evidence #6 - Bakit nawala yung dalawa?
We were so much satisfied and overjoyed!

Flyfish is a must in Bocaray. It cost 550-650php per person but it's worth it!

I am back in Boracay, May 2010

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  1. Haha super fun!! I want to try flyfish, but I'm a bit worried 'coz I don't know how to swim. I hope when I get back to Boracay, I can experience this too. If you are interested to get cheap Boracay packages, you can visit