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Coffee shops in Saigon

Have you seen M.I.B. (Men in Black) ?
If yes, do you remember the worm guys who always carry coffee mugs and are addicted with coffee?
I'm one of them in the real world.
I love coffee that I only stop drinking it if my acid reflux attacks.

When I was told that I will be going to Saigon for official business, I was so thrilled to go back to Saigon because of its cafes and its traditional coffees, aside from Pho which is another story.

Below are the list of the cafes that I visited and are worth remembering on this trip.

1. Window's Cafe
12 Alexandre-De-Rhodes , Ho Chi Minh

I saw this cool cafe when I was walking from Reunification Palace to the Post Office. 
I got excited because this will be the first coffee shop that I will be in on this trip. Yahoo!
Went in, got my perfect place, seating outside (non aircon) , facing the park. Happy kid in me!

Syempre, inorder ko ang traditional drip coffe, but this time, I had iced coffee dahil mainit ang panahon.
Nang unang sipsip, awww.... heaven!
Ansarap. anlinamnam. I'm not joking.
Go there and try it :)
Ca Phe Da (VND 60k)

2. Anh Coffee Shop
194 Ben Thanh Quan 1 , Le Thanh Tonn, Ho Chi Minh

I like this place because of it's cozy balcony showcasing the busy street of Ban Than night market.
The 1st time I came here, I was not able to get thee spot that I wanted.
I tried to wait for a few minutes but it's just too late and I have to go for a meeting the next day so I decided to come back, and hopefully, get the perfect spot.

Cafe Anh 

My 1st try. Failed!   I want that seat! :(
Iced Green Tea Latte

I had Iced Green Tea Late that night because I already had coffee in the afternoon.
I was not very happy with my tea latte, buti nalang the place supplements everything.

This is how the cafe looks inside 

and I had the perfect spot on my 2nd comeback! 
Tiramisu Coffee (VND 48k)

3. ID Cafe 
34 Thu Khoa Huan, Ben Than, District 1, Ho Chi Minh

This is one of the recommended coffee shops in TripAdvisor. It is also very near to Ben Thanh market. But the lighting is just too dark for me.

They have an open balcony for smokers which is a good thing for a non-smoker like me :)
Aside from coffees and cakes, they also serve pasta and other heavy rice meals.

Bun Thit Nuong (VND 70k) & Ca phe sua nong (VND 45k)

4. Mylife Coffee 
22A Truong Dinh, District 3, Ho Chi Minh

Dito ako napa wow!.
It is well decorated. The plants inside make it more relaxing and cozy except for the smokers inside the air-conditioned area. grrrr
There's also a flower shop beside  and a glass door separates them.
Additional flower decoration for the cafe.

speechless....wahhh, ang ganda :) 
smoking area :( inside the air-conditioned room
But it still looks so nice..

I had traditional iced milk coffee at VND 42k

6. M2C Cafe
4B Le Quy Don St., District 3. Ho Chi Minh

Modern meets culture is the theme of this cafe.
It's beside the War Remnants Museum.

plants inside really work
a great place for meetings
Cafe Latte and Carrot Cake (VND 89k)

7. Phuc Long Tea and Coffee
29 Ngo Duc Ke, Ben Nghe, District 1, Ho Chi Minh

This is recommended by one of my agents so I tried one of their flavored milk tea.. Too bad, I don't remember what I ordered.

Com Suon Non Kho To (Pork Ribs) - VND 58k and Phuc Long Tea Latte Cold - VND 35k
Cafe is too busy during lunch time and a lot of people are waiting to be seated

8. Unknown coffee shop (I didn't able to get the name)  

Along District 5

Sa kadahilanang masyado akong maaga para sa 1st meeting ko, I decided to go to nearest coffee shop near my agent's office. Dahil sa katatapos ko lang mag agahan at ayoko na magkape, nakakita ako ng white colored drink, assumed that it's milk shake so I ordered it. I just pointed it out because they don't understand what I was trying to order.
When I sip on it, too bad it's not what I was expecting of. 

My 1st time to seat on this chair and it's quite relaxing..
Soursop shake (VND 42k) 

9. Trung Nguyen Coffe 
219 Ly Tu Trong, Ben Thanh, District 1, Ho Chi Minh

Very quiet and spacious than other coffee shops I went to.

Intimate place

              NO LIFE"
Trung Nguyen - Creative 4

I tried the Sang Tao 4 (Creative 4) - A specially excotic blend of cult beans : Arabica, Robusta, Excelsa and Catimor create a very strong and lasting aroma, full-bodied and great depth of flavor.

One sip and wow! It's just too strong.
Give it another try, mmm... it's still strong :(
Last one, wah...sorry but I can't take it.

9 Cafes in my 5 day stay
Favorites : Cafe Anh because of the balcony ;
                Mylife Cafe because of the interior decorations;
                Window's Cafe because of it's outdoor seats at malinamnam na kape :)
All of the coffee shops serve iced tea while waiting.

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
- July 2015

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